Biography (2010–2017)


This project was created in the period from 2010 to 2017. Most of the monochrome photos are portraits of ordinary people I have met in a variety of places: on construction sites, in shelters for the elderly, in shipyards or just on the street.


Most of the photos are portraits of people whose beauty I find in their profession, moods and feelings, facial expressions, subtle hints of destiny and life path. Beauty is a simple thing and does not require anyone to search for complex forms. That's why I consider the people depicted in the photos beautiful and interesting only because they are just like that.


If you want to feel the beauty of the person depicted in the photo, just look at the photo and try to talk to who is depicted there. Try to imagine who this person is, what his name is, what he does, how his life has developed. This is the beauty, the curiosity that I look for in people.