Individual development of the idea of ​​filming, in particular the image of the hero/heroine, location, wardrobe, make-up, accessories


2 hours of shooting


15-20 photos in the author's processing


Print 10 photos 15-21 cm


Branded envelope



Other shooting formats are discussed individually.


Date booking is made with a prepayment of 100 USD. The final calculation is made upon completion of removal.


The cost of work does not include the cost of technical support of filming (renting a studio or other premises, wardrobe, accessories, makeup, assistant, etc.) and transportation costs. These amounts are calculated separately, depending on the individual idea of ​​filming and the equipment required for this.


Photo return period - up to one week.


The cost of making a collage - from $100.


The cost is individual and depends on the complexity of the poster.