Railway crossing


I am my father's son. He went through the move all his life. I first embarked on this path in high school.


All my conscious life I stepped through this move. All the joys and anxieties. All victories and defeats saw this way.


For a long time I hated this place. He considered it a sign of his existence in his own space, his possessions. The move was a symbol of the old me in the old environment.


With this mood, I started to create this project. His goal was to liberate himself. Not just from the shackles of moving, but from the shackles of perceiving oneself in the past.


In the process, I gained my own catharsis. I found my own vision of the beauty of this place. His poetics, rhythm, texture, contrasts.


I stopped being my enemy. I resigned and finally let go of the past.


So the place of despair turned into a place of strength. And I finally grew up.